Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Blog...New Book

After much contemplation and some research, I have decided to publish my writings on a new blog I created called The Adventures of Equus Girl..

There are going to be many story titles including:
Equus Girl Rescues a Horse
Equus Girl Story Poems
Equus Girl's Corgi Stories
...and the first
Equus Girl Buys a Farm which begins with the first memories I have being totally enslaved with horse fever!

These writings will all be rated G with a hint of PG here and there - okay I curse every so often..but not too bad! No One is perfect you know!

I hope that if you enjoy reading my stories, you will pass on the that others will come by as well. It was hard for me to explain why I wanted to do this to my biggest supporter, my Father..who does not even own a computer - and won't let me buy him one!

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Laura Maynard said...

Loved the new stories. I can't remember my first pony ride, but my parents have photographic proof. I do remember perstering for lessons over a whole year. They figured a two month package for my birthday would be enough... seventeen years later, I still can't get enough.