Tuesday, February 16, 2010

An Interesting Find


One of my blog readers sent me an e-mail. She deals with antique clothes and did not know what she had acquired. Here are the pictures she sent:

The label - Busvine and Co. from Paris made specifically for Mrs. Offield.

I told her it was not a 'riding skirt' but an apron and judging by its length was probably made in the 1920's.

Here it is inside out.

I gave her basic information about how the apron was used and that it was a shame that there was not a matching jacket as I assume it was originally made with one.

Here is a picture of Mrs. Offield (the far left) with some of her friends. I thought it was cool that not only was the garment marked with her name, but that the seller also had her picture!She told me she would be offering it up on E-bay...but I am not sure when.

Pretty interesting though - huh!


sidesaddlegirl said...

WOW! I've only ever come across Busvines from London (my last habit that I "outgrew" was a London Busvine) but didn't know that they had a shop on Paris.

Sydney said...

That is pretty cool!

fernvalley01 said...

So how is an apron used in Sidesaddle?

JeniQ said...

That is very cool indeed.. Like Fernvalley I'd like to know how it was used.

phaedra96 said...

I think it would be interesting to find out who she was and maybe even find a photo of her riding. It just kind of adds a "this is who she was" to the apron. Maybe someday the jacket will turn up.

Julie said...

If you go to this post I did when I first started this blog, you can see a diagram of how to wrap a sidesaddle apron around yourself.


There are a lot of good tutorials posts done last year. To find them you would either have to scroll way back, or go to the sidebar and pick one of the catagories. This one was under "How to"