Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ohhhh - Pretty!

I found these on e-bay...and if you are interested they are still there under either sidesaddle or side saddle.

This one is called Mounting.

The Walk.

The Habit.

The Seat.

The Canter.

Dismounting.Please notice there is not one entitled The Trot. Yeah - I know why!!! ha ha..

Last night I put my sidesaddle on a bench in our den. I banked it up with towels and a pillow so that there would be some support underneath it. I 'mounted' it and tried to do some mock posting to strengthen my thighs. Ummm - yeah ... I looked like a 5 year old who had to go pee REALLY bad! I was wiggling all over. It was not until I put the bench facing the back of the sofa for support that I was able to 'sort of' accomplish anything. I am guessing it worked because this morning I feel like I have been kicked in the behind by one of my horses ...more specifically on the right side!

I have a list of exercises to do, but they do not seem to be difficult enough to make a difference. Right about now I would entertain the idea of strapping my sidesaddle onto a bucking machine...if I had one!

Do you think they still sell these???Oh my - this little machine claims to CURE obesity and hysteria!


sidesaddle rider said...

Hey Julie
You can do the same excerise on the edge of a table without the saddle. Remember when posting aside your butt goes out and back. The opposite of posting stride.

Susan said...

Those prints(?) are beautiful. I bet that horse exercising machine is quite the work out.

sidesaddlegirl said...

They do still sell simiular sorts of mechanized horses but they are all computerized today and will set you back probaby more than what a real horse would cost you!

I saw an ad for one in one of the freebie horse magazines that they have in the tack shops over here. It's a company in Hong Kong that makes computerized mechanical horses for home use (I guess because in that part of the world, there isn't enough space for people to keep horses). You could even put your own saddle on it too. They shipped all over the world but there wasn't a price in the ad so I guess as the saying goes.."if you have to ask, you can't afford it!"

Oregon Equestrian said...

Love the prints, but the length of skirt looks dangerously long.

I shared an ad at the barn for one of the riding exercise machines (we all got a chuckle out of it). It didn't claim to aid the liver or cure hysteria, but it did say it helped develop core strength. It was cheaper than buying and keeping a horse, but lacked the soft brown eye, velvety muzzle and welcoming nicker.

Anonymous said...

Did you know they had one of those on the Titanic?

BTW, nice blog. I ride aside too. I can't seem to log into my account so you could e-mail me back. Bummer.