Sunday, August 9, 2009

It Will Be a While Before I Start to Post on ..

..Riding Aside again...just a few weeks I think, while I recover. If you want to read about my surgery and recovery go to:

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Tori said...

I'm glad you came through your surgery fairly well. Abdominal surgery is no fun at all! I hope you keep feeling better each day. Don't push yourself too much. I know how easy it is to get bored when your ordered to "rest and take it easy". Hulu and/or youTube can be your best friend! Just keep clicking on "related videos" or whatever... before you know it, the day has passed.

It sounds like you make a much better patient that I did! Mine was outpatient, but just a couple hours after getting home I was up and trying to do things on my own. Completely flipped out my mom (who had briefly gone downstairs to do some laundry) - she hadn't realized I had woken up (I had been napping off the drugs on the couch) and thought I shouldn't be on my feet without someone there in case I needed anything; I thought I fine and there was noting wrong with me wanting to cook dinner. I've not yet gone to Medical School (only a couple more years!), but I guess I'm already living up to the whole "doctors make the worst patients" stereotype.