Wednesday, July 1, 2009

OK - I Just Can't Wait to Share...

..a FEW of the projects I have been working on!

First - here is my small collection of hat boxes - all black and white which are the Equus Villa barn colors. These will accompany me to the shows.

This is the fabric purchased to be made into the decorative topper and doorway curtains to go over the black stall drapes I ordered. The camera made this fabric look shiny and more 'gold' than it actually is. The background is black.

I would have made the black stall drapes myself - but my sewing machine will not handle the heavy canvas fabric needed.Sally - I need a suggestion about what design I should cut it into.. Just a straight 18" long topper, zig-zag, or ??

The Trailer Tack Room Project:

This is all it came with..a bridle rack and a spare tire which I would like to move to the outside of the trailer!

A few days ago I added this book shelf and mirror.

The book shelf has edges on each shelf so nothing will slide out. I bought several baskets that fit perfectly in each area and bolted the shelf onto the wall. The brown mirror frame will be painted black.

This is the gooseneck area. I want to buy a queen size mattress, bedding and some kind of window coverings so I can use it not only as a changing room, but a place to rest if I so choose.

This wall space is begging for a small wardrobe..which I bought off of Craigslist tonight and will pick up tomorrow. It will need to be sanded, painted and revamped just a bit to fit my needs though. You will have to wait to see more on that project.

A stair step is needed badly here! I have to take a running jump to get up there..NOT a pretty sight!

My Saddleseat Style Suit ~ Sidesaddle Suit.

This is going to be my back up suit..or one I will wear if I believe that I will be penalized for not wearing a Saddleseat Jacket. I purchased this jacket, made by Ralph Lauren off of E-Bay and could not be more pleased. Tag read $250.00..I paid $30.00!

The black silk skirt has a wonderful roushing (sp??) design sewn into it. The fabric was purchased at an upolstry fabric store for about $10.00. The way it moves is STUNNING!

The only alteration I will do to the jacket is to the back. The waist is a bit large and if I sew a tuck into it, it gives a bit of a bustle look to it when I am waring it, without the hassle of having to ride on a ton of fabric.

The tuck will be covered with this old silver pin I have.I still need to buy a stock tie for the outfit and then I will model it for a photo.

An antique tack trunk:

This is an antique trunk that my Mother bought for me when I was only 8. I fell in love with it when we were in an antique store in Colorado. All these years I have kept it - even though I was not sure what I was going to do with it...

..well Thanks to Sally inspiring response to my last entry...

...I am going to do my best to make it look like this!I actually found a place where I can purchase new hardware and leather handles for it!


Unknown said...

That is so great. You gotta document the steam trunk revival.

Hosanna said...

This rocks Julie. How fun!!

sunvalleysally said...

Thanks for the thanks! I love this stuff and can spend hours debating restoration vs reproduction of antiques esp. items which can be pirated for equestrian purposes.

As far as the "step" problem why not look for a "slipper chair" or "slipper footstool" such as Victorian ladies placed their foot upon when buttoning up their shoes?

The stall drape topper? Hmmm. It has to look good close up, not collect too much dust, and look good from down the barn aisle so there is instant recognition of Equus Villa. Plus, it must be complementary enough to eventually gain you the Best Stall Decor award, Small Stable Division. Why not try a couple of different ideas such as scallops (maybe goes better with the curves of what looks like an intaglio design) or perhaps straight topper but adding some Victorian type curtain treatments such as cords, swags, knotted rope, corner pieces, etc.

The term you were looking for was "ruching". LOVELY skirt!!!

WarPony said...

The mattress works great, I speak from experience. When I went to pick up my cob my friend put a queen sized mattress in her (very similar) tack area for me to sleep on while we overnighted with my horse in the trailer. (She had opened up the entire inside of the slant load so he had like a mobile foaling stall to sleep in)

The mattress was a perfect fit up there, with just enough room on the side for me to put my soda, my slippers and my glasses.