Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Since I Have Assumed the Interest of Riding Aside..

..I have noticed a change in myself. I am becoming detail obsessed! I love to study old photographs and information on the subject and I always come back to the same orderly and detailed everything was back then!

This is a photo of the historic Marshall Fields Stable.

I cover about 8 to 10 horse shows a year for Saddle and Bridle magazine and I loath the sight of dirty horse, attire that is either unmatched or in ill repair, and especially dirty tack! Why would someone go to all the time, trouble and cost of competing in a show and not take care of these final steps? Maybe I am just a snob, but it seems very sad that these finer details are left by the wayside.I am preparing everything I need now to begin showing again (after 3 years off) this Fall. I have ordered plain black show stall curtains. I am making fancy toppers and have a sandblasted Equus Villa sign that will be hung. I am having a historic sidesaddle suit made, but also have a back up suit that is a bit more saddleseat traditional. It is so much fun gathering all the necessities to complete the package for each riding costume and I want my stall decor to be no less elegant!

All of this excitement has even oozed over into my horse trailer tack room. I have already braced in a new set of black wood book shelf unit filled with black wicker baskets. A large mirror is secured above the shelf. I am looking for a smallish wardrobe, a double mattress with coordinating bedding and a 3 tiered wood stool that can double as a step up to the bed as well as for mounting the sidesaddle in my skirts.

As I complete these projects I will start to post photos of it all. My back up riding suit is complete with the exception of a stock tie!


sunvalleysally said...

Julie, I have a suggestion that might complement your decor for shows and trailer. Did you know that there were still "steamer trunks" being made? They are not inexpensive but are faithful reproductions of the antiques. In black, with brass fittings and perhaps with an "Equus Villa" brass name plate, this might be a lovely way to transport all of your sidesaddle habits and accessories. Add vintage hat boxes for your hats, and you will make a truly enviably elegant statement of how to go in style!

Sydney said...

With the comment above: I have an old steam trunk with the original paint that I am not using. I had all my mare Naigens stuff in it. It makes me sad when I see it so I want to find a new home for it. It was made in a local factory almost 100 years ago. I have another one that's HUGE that I put all my mare Indigo's stuff in. I painted it red and black and painted horses on the sides of it. It's wonderful. Go to antique shops you can find them. I was lucky enough to get my big one and my smaller one for 75$ for both.

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