Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More Sidesaddle Themed Jewels!

Look what I found!

..and this...

...and this too!

I had to add in this button - just because it is so beautiful it might as well be a piece of jewelry!

...and well - we all know that a great strand of pearls go with EVERYTHING!


Hosanna said...

You find the coolest stuff! I think the greatest thing about sidesaddle riding is the outfits and bells and whistles that go along with it.

sunvalleysally said...

Julie, the bracelet almost looks as though it might be old-fashioned bridle rosettes which have been converted to jewelry, which I understand was quite common. I have been looking for sidesaddle and/or saddlebred-themed rosettes for some time and would love to see some close-ups and hear of the "provenance" of the bracelet.