Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Am Going to Try Something Different...

This is without a doubt one of my favorite sidesaddle suits...at least (since it is not mine) a favorite photo of a sidesaddle suit!Well, my sewing skills allow me to create a smart looking riding skirt, but I am not so confident about making the jacket.

Then I saw this on e-bay. It is made from that uber expensive thin suit wool, is lined with 100% silk and I bought it for a song! The photo is dark, but I believe it to be a cream colored blazer with a navy pin stripe. The jacket is not as fitted as I would like it, but the length, collar and style are just close enough. With some moderate tweaking, and a coordinating skirt, I hope I can create a riding suit.What do you think?

If not - I will just have a nice new blazer!


monstersmama said...

very nice, never thought about riding aside till i saw your blog! very beautiful classy and elegant

SmartAlex said...

Oh that's PURTEE!