Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Last Sunday I was suppose to take a lesson with my instructor using the rescued 12 year old Saddlebred I want to try riding aside. A big part of this lesson was going to be seeing if my sidesaddle would work on this boy and then taking the measurements for the other equipment I need to buy. Well, Chastian had been a show horse for a long long time. He has been at my farm for a couple of years although I have been his registered owner for only a few months. It NEVER dawned on me he needed a refresher class in trailer loading!!! I had to cancel my lesson because after an hour, I could only get him to step in half way (front 2 feet). :0(

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Anonymous said...

Julie, thanks for your lovely words on our blog.

We've been really lucky to have been able to turn this into an open adoption, so we are all her 'real parents', we just have different roles in her life. She talks to her birth parents and sees them every so often. Of course every adoption and person is different but It really works for her and she's got all that medical info too.

We are really loving Saddlebreds and looks like we've made progress on getting the saddle. Her first academy show is next Saturday so we are really excited. She moved up to a bigger horse today and did so well, it was lovely to watch.