Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What I Want...

...and the closest thing I have found!

Okay - so as you remember - this is what I want. Lovely isn't it!! This is actually a very rare historical riding suit.Rare because it has lasted almost 100 years and is still in tact and rare because it is a unique riding suit with its longer coat. Most hunt riding habits (historically and current) have short coats.

This is the closest thing I have found so far. This is a pattern by Ageless Patterns (https://agelesspatterns.com/) and yes, it is a pattern for a sidesaddle suit. If I used it, I would have to lengthen the coat though.

This is that same pattern made up. It is stunning. Way more fabric than a hunt seat rider would want, but just beautiful for a Saddleseat class at a horse show!

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Killi said...

That is elegant & beautiful & I want 1, too!!!