Monday, December 22, 2008

Fashion! Saddleseat and Sidesaddle

There are tons of posts I can do on Sidesaddle fashion...and I will...but for now - I am going to concentrate on what I need for riding American Saddlebreds aside!

Lets start with what a rider wears when riding astride. Here is a formal "tux" Saddlesuit. Note the top hat, satin lapels, satin stripes down the pants, a bow tie, cummerbund or vest...Black or Navy are the acceptable colors. This would only be worn in 3-gaited or Park classes held after 6PM.

Here is an informal day suit worn in all pleasure classes day or night. I know you cannot see it - but the back of the longer riding coat is split to lay nicely over the horses hips...

..and as you can see in this photo of my Daughter Joy, the bottom sides of the jacket will flap back as you ride, making the color choice of the jacket lining very important!

To comply with the Saddlebred code of fashion and yet blend in the sidesaddle skirt, I need a suit like this one...

..cut and tapered to fit the female body better, yet still having the longer jacket design.

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