Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Blast From Texas Past!

This photo is labeled with only the information as follows:
Equestrienne in bowler hat, stylish gauntlets, and with horsehair quirt, stands beside her horse, which has a horsehair bridle and cowgirl-style, double-rigged, heavily carved sidesaddle, c. 1900
Panhandle Plains Historical Museum, Canyon, Texas

There is little that I do not love about this - the sidesaddle Western rig, including the bridle, her unique multi-strap buckle closure of the jacket combined with the big fashionable sleeves and bowler or maybe the uniquely fringed and stitched gloves!!

Traces of Texas reader Arthur Wellborn remembered us by sending in this fantastic late 1800s photo of his great great grandfather's saddle shop in Snyder, Texas. His name was Pierce Mashborn Wellborn and the name of the shop was Wellborn and Sons Harness and Saddles. Can you imagine how good the interior of this place smelled?

..and here is a photo from a harness/saddle shop in Deleon Texas!  Interior of Dabney Saddlery and Harness ca: 1900. Notice the Moon brand buggies and buggy whips along the left wall and stirrups hanging from the counter on the right. Ebb E. Dabney is on the right behind the counter. A.C. (Bunn) Martin front left. Behind Martin is believed to be Nute Koonce. The two men in the center are unidentified.

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