Friday, August 22, 2014

Dream A Little Dream...

...or Dream BIG!!  Which do you think I do???  Well - I am going to share something with you that is dear to my heart:

I am immersed right now in building our house, BUT do I ever have plans for the farm after the house is done!!!  I really Really REALLY want to have a riding academy for young girls to learn how to ride aside!!  In our State, there is a sidesaddle riding club, but it is for Paso Fino horses, a non-trotting breed.  Well, trotting is the most difficult art of riding aside, especially if you have a fancy trotting horse!  Now, if you think all of this is a big dream.. hold on because - I want to find a way to share the horse riding experience with those who cannot afford it.

Right now - all of this is just in my prayers, but if God says Okay - He will Deliver!!!!! 


1 comment:

NDchick1 said...

Thanks so much for this post! It was a nice reminder that God is working on our dreams and prayers, just in His time.
I hope your dream becomes a reality.