Thursday, January 2, 2014

Looking Back - Looking Forward!

Looking Back:

On December 8th 2008 (wow - has it really been 5 years??) I started this blog - What was my very first post you ask?  Well it was for one of the best lessons I had learned and thankfully I learned it before I made my first investment!  That very first post was entitled :

..Bad Saddles and the Dangers of Using Them!

It included a picture of a widely popular cheap sidesaddle easily found on E-bay and a well made one with a short description of the differences.  One of my very first lessons about riding aside is how very important it is for the sidesaddle to fit the HORSE.  A saddle that fit the rider but not the horse would offer just as bad of a riding experience as a saddle that fit NEITHER the horse or the rider!

Looking Forward:

I plan to repost on this blog some of the old posts I did that newer readers may have never seen.
I will do more fantasy posts - that seem to be quite popular
I want to ride Southern Revival (Joy's horse) aside in a show at least once this year!
..and last but not least - I will keep you up to date as we break ground on our house.

I also want to thank all those who took me under their wing to guide me, encourage me and share with me what can only be learned from others who have experienced riding sidesaddle. 

So many - Lillian - with sidesaddle restoration,
Brita - a kindred spirit also learning along side with her Saddlebred,
Karen Trevor - with all of my corset questions,
Cindy - who has made all of my historic sidesaddle suits to PERFECTION
Sally - a mentor who sadly I have lost touch with who shared so many stories that I treasured,
Kelly - who guided me through my first sidesaddle lessons
Sandy - who continued to teach me and really elevated my riding experiences
Jeanne - who sold me 2 of the most amazing sidesaddle ever made
Elaina - who has allowed me to help her further her sidesaddle passion
Joy - who has shared her horse with me while my Sport is in training

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