Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Antique Post Cards

I love to write notes.  I love antique's that lend themselves to writting - an antique desk ~ especially the smaller ladies desk with many cubbies and slots for collectables.  I have an antique mother of pearl pen, letter opener and a few more delicate writting items that I cherish.
Also - for those of you who are Downton Abbey Fans:  Did  you notice how the latest eppisode was wrapped around the written word?  The anticipation of the application to participate in the cooking school, Mary's sad letter of congratulations to a former suiter, to the 50 pounds loaned to the farmer that would be finialized through a letter...and so many more!
Well - in the spirit of that, I give you some lovely antique post cards! 

...and just so you get a taste of the Abbey - here you go!  Cora at her finest!!

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RiderWriter said...

I should have known you were a DA fan! (Maybe I did and I've forgotten) You're absolutely right about the episode featuring a lot of letters... I hadn't put that together. I love these old postcards, so elegant!

I remember Cora in that outfit and yes, absolutely stunning. I miss the corseted dresses although I'm sure the actresses do NOT, as Mrs. Patmore has indicated! ;)