Monday, December 9, 2013

TASHA and a New Horse to Work Aside!!

..well - okay .. he is not new, but Southern Revival will be tested out soon as a sidesaddle horse.  So let me back up and tell you about the TASHA show:

I rode Sport astride in the Amatuer Park class.  I have not had a chance to ride him in a month... a MONTH!  Joy and I tried to get on a flight to LA. a couple of weeks ago, but due to the holiday traffic, there were no empty standby seats.  That is why I felt a little off when we showed in the qualifier class.  I placed 3rd out of 6....and honestly, I am not sure I diserved 3rd place!

Sunday I showed him back and took Reserve Champion.  My ride was so much better - I did not even care about the ribbon.  The point is, every time I show this horse, I am doing more of what I am suppose to be doing and worring less.  Home town shows are more fun too... so thank you to all the folks who put the TASHA show together!

Joy showed her horse Southern Revival - we call him Rev.  She also took 3rd place in the Park Pleasure class.  Actually he is a show pleasure horse, but Tommy had so many horses in that class, he bumped her into the next level for this one non-rated show.  There was a lot going on in the ring that bothered a lot of the horses.. someones trailer parked close to the ring seemed to unnerve a few and many were put off by a photographers flash on a tri-pod, not the one on his camera.  Rev reacted to that flash and had another spooky spot that he wanted to stop and snort at each round before proceeding.... gotta love him!  

Rev is an amazing boy.  He is one of those horses who waits to see what is asked of him before he delivers.  For this reason, our 7 year old Grand daughter has also ridden him.  He does not have a mean bone in his body and it really does take a lot to rattle him.  So now we are going to see how he does aside.  I know Joy would also love to put her foot into Sports stirrup. 

We brought Rev home to the farm and sent Bella Equus home with Tommy to break.  She is a coming 3 year old out of Sport's mommy and had a bit of a growth spurt this fall.  Nothing big mind you, but I could tell that she is ready to learn something.  She was worked lead/halter as a baby being shown in a futurity class.  Here at the farm, I have worked her in the round pen and she will wear a sirsingle, side reins and a beginners bit.  You can tell when a horse likes their training.  Can't wait to see what Tommy tells me about her in the future and hoping she will work out to be Joy's next project!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I must add another piece to this story... Sunday morning on my way out the door and down the outside staircase... yes, my hands were full .... yes - there was ice on the stairs.... yes I was not thinking about anything except getting to the show and swoop.....
my feet flew out and I bent my knees.  My right shin hit the next step and my left knee hit the one after that.  I twisted my body so that by the time I stopped on the concrete sidewalk below, I was flat on my back and looking up the stairs at my feet.

"You just broke both of your legs".. Satan whispered to me.  My heart was racing and both of my legs were burning in different places.  I laid there for a few moments before I even dared to move my toes.  Little by little I realized that although I had a gash on one leg and a swollen left ankle and right knee, I was indeed still intact enough to show my  horse!  I decided not to even look at my legs until the days end.  I gathered all of my things - strewn all over the stairs and walkway and put them into the truck.  I went back upstairs - took 2 Tylenol and loaded up the horses I was hauling that day and off we went!

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