Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Few More Pictures From TASHA

.. most taken by Cathy Ruby:

This first picture is of me (walking) with my friend Erica.  Her gelding Louie is by the same stallion that Sport is by and this was the very first time she was showing him!

The class she chose was called Pro-Am, standing for Professional-Amatuer.  In this class, the amatuer rode the horse in the first direction - all 3 gaits, came into center ring and switched riders with the trainer of their choosing (Tommy Benton) who rode the horse the second direction in all 3 gaits.  I love the look on Erica's face in this picture.
This is a group shot from our barn.. That is Joy on the right side.
Yeah... I was in the bathroom  :0(

..and this last picture is of Joy and Rev.  You would  have to enlarge it to see why I like it so.  We always joke about Rev having spooky eyes ... but in this picture, I think Joy won!

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