Sunday, November 17, 2013

First Pics From Lee Yount Day!

Thank you so much Cheri Newberry for sharing these with us!!! 

I have already shared with you the history of this event.  I you missed it - please just scroll down a few posts and you can read more. 

The day started out rather awkward.  You see, just the day prior one of the ladies who was to join us decided she could not attend due to so many other obligations.  A quick change and my daughter Joy, who was going to take pictures was now slated to dress up in saddleseat attire and ride with me.  Joy and I drove up in my car and the grooms from Bluebonnet farm were to meet us there with 2 horses for us to ride - Chip, the horse I rode last year at this same event and Jose.  I have shown both of these adorble geldings sidesaddle in American Saddlebred breed shows.  Also to join us was another trainer, hauling a horse and my friend Cheri. 

Cheri arrived on time, but sadly the other trainer's truck overheated - so now we were down yet another person and now 1 horse!

Before the grooms arrived with the horses, I set up my sidesaddle and answered questions.

Once they were there, we quickly readied them and tried to warm them up.  The field you see behind me was so muddy - we opted to skip the warm up...

..and once Joy was mounted on Jose, we just went right into the living museum and did our riding presentation.

Both horses were quite sluggish to begin with.  I had to exchange my cane for a whip to get Chips attention as he would not even heed my queues to trot!  Shame on you Chip!!  And Jose - was just all eyes and he told Joy that if Chip was not going - neither was he... Don't you just love horses!!

After a round, they woke up and we had a lot of fun.  There were 3 times as many people this year as last and the weather was not as good.  It was a bit foggy and misty.

When it was my turn to answer questions about riding aside - I did what everyone wants me to do... lift my skirt!  HA - not for the reason the world would think either.. I think the question I get most often is how do I stay on... and the only way to answer that it to show them!

Cheri was so great - talking about the breed.  She is a living encyclopedia for the American Saddlebred horse!  Did you know that the American Saddlebred registry is the oldest American horse registery!  I learned that yesterday.
This is Cheri.  We had a great time.  There were so many children and I saw 2 separate girl scout troops.  The whole event was free of charge and everyone there was volunteering.  I met lots of great people and got to see a lot of folks I met last year again.

If you have never done a reinactment, I encourage you to do it.  It is great community service, a lesson in history plus - it is all the fun of a horse show - with NO STRESS!!

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