Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Hello There.  Sooo much is going on - that I have plans for every single weekend between now and Christmas... and REALLY - I am not making this up!!

4 horse shows of which 3 are out of town, practice rides - all in Louisiana since that is where Sport is in training, a visit to Disney with my kiddos when Daren returns from his tour of duty in the Middle East and ...........DRUM ROLL PLEASE.................

We signed the papers to start building our dream home!!!.. so every second in between every thing else will be spent indulged in that!!

For those of you who do not know - we currently live above our barn: here:

We have lived and loved living here for the last 12 years, but the plan was to build years ago.  Our new home will also be located on our farm, just on the backside of the acreage... where it is a bit more secluded and a bit quieter.  Translated - that means that I will no longer have to listen to the horses moan and kick when they lay down and get up, the rooster crow at the crack of dawn or listen to the parade of motorcycles go by on Sunday's!  Ha ha - I really did not mind any of these things ... but what I did mind was not having the space when my dear family came to visit.  That I HATED!  The new house will have an area that can be closed down or opened as needed, lots of room for even further extension and Oh My Gosh - FIREPLACES!!!  Oh how I have missed having a fire place!!!

Although this is my sidesaddle blog, I plan to post pics and stories of our new home construction with you.

Now for some real sidesaddle news:

I had to pleasure of meeting a young lady that lives in my area and is just starting to ride aside.  She came out to our farm.  I could tell immediately - she was a good and experienced rider (hunt seat) and felt comfortable letting her take a spin on Oliver.  Elaina was amazing - she looked like she had been riding aside for years and Oliver is NOT an easy horse to trot on aside!  To my great pleasure, for the first time, she got to canter aside with Oliver... Thankfully he has a wonderful canter.  Elaina was all grins and Oliver looked like he was having a good time too. 

Before Elaina had to leave, we joked around how easy it was to get together with other horse people... unlike all the tension that comes with selling something on  Craigs list!!! 

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