Thursday, September 19, 2013

Heart Stopping....

Any of you raise a child who was over the top defiant.. one who would argue with you about if the sun was shinning (as it beamed through the window)???... well sometimes - that is just the perfect description of my Sport!

If you have read my posts in the past - when Sport went to Chattanooga, he after having a perfect preformance in the class. absolutely totally REFUSED to back up, even though he was given 2 chances to do so ... therefore he placed dead last!  Tommy called me in frustration telling me he knew up to that point they were winning the class.  Well - Tommy had a "special training session" with Sport and they went on to win the Championship!

Last night when the phone rang, I knew something was up.  If they had won the class, I would have received a text message - probably written even before he dismounted.  I kind of pursed my lips as I reached for the phone.

"Hello" I answered in more of a question than a statement.
I heard a sigh. 
"Well......"  Tommy's voice came over the phone and just by the tone of that one word, my heart sank a little.
"In true Sport fashion," He continued.
"We were clearly winning the class, and it was a good class; there were 5 entries.  The judge even called for an extra trot pass...and that is when it happened.  Sport stuck his nose straight up in the air and started to rack and he, no matter what I did, would NOT trot!"
This is a snippet of a picture that was snapped from the rail - even though it is blury - it tells the story!

I could hear the agrivation in Tommy's voice as he continued.
"Just like we had to have at the other show Julie ~ we are GOING to  have a 'coming to Jesus' meeting tomorrow!
"Oh my gosh Tommy." I said with disappointment and expecting him to tell me they had pinned in last place.
"We did get second place though."  He said.
"Wait .... What.... after all of that - you still placed 2nd?????

We talked a bit more before saying good-bye.

I leave to go to Georgia Friday morning.  I can't wait!!  It has been a really long time since I have seen Tommy ride Sport and in a horse show, a Championship class no less.  I was so disappointed that I was not there to see him win at Chattnooga, so maybe he will straighten up and earn top honors on Friday evening. 


JJ said...

What a stinker pot that Sport is, BUT - it sounds like when he's on, he's on good! :)

Anonymous said...

He still did awesome!!!!!