Sunday, August 25, 2013

Coolest video EVER!!!

Thanks to National Horseman magazine and Dr. Owen Weaver, we can all get a taste of the excitement of showing at the World Championship American Saddlebred show atop a 5-gaited World Grand Champion horse!!!  I must say though - that Dr. Owen Weaver makes it look all too easy... as all good riders do.

This 10 minute video takes you from mounting the horse in the stalling building, walking the horse outside, down Stopher Walk (a long covered board-walk looking entrance area) and down the ramp into the arena!  You will get to experience the blast of lights and cheering crowds as well as Dr. Weaver taking the amazing horse Courageous Lord through all of his 5 gaits!



KYSam said...

Freedom Hall is a wonderful venue. I had a horse there for the Kentucky Derby festival with the American Sidesaddle Association this past May. All the staff work great to keep everything running smoothly and are a real class act.

Angelina said...

That's amazing! I showed Western pleasure type horses back in the day and that is completely different. I think I like it it's a lot of adrenaline. I also like the grooms! If I had had grooms back then I probably would have stayed with the whole horse showing thing a little longer.

SillyPony said...

Very cool! I wish there was a split screen that showed the horse from the audience/judge view. I know so little about 5-gaited and you couldn't see the other horses very well. I would have loved having both perspectives at once.