Thursday, July 11, 2013

Look Who Rode Aside!

In the past I have posted pictures of celebrities riding aside - such as Angelina Jolie, Kate Blanchette and others.  Well, I found a few more to share with you!

Bette Davis!..

 and Brigitte Bardot..
 and Carole Lombard...
 and Elizabeth Taylor..
 ..and Joan Collins!!
and here are 3 of Greta Garbo!


attafox said...

Carol Lombard is shown with Clark Gable's Saddlebred, and I believe that 2 of the photos of Greta Garbo are with one of the Wallen's trick ASBs from that time period.

RiderWriter said...

Very cool photos, thank you!

john hardman said...

Joan Collins' stepladder-pose is often linked to the film/movie "The Bravados" but she rides astride, not side-saddle, throughout the action.It's just possible that she needed to get familiar with the awkward saddle and its horns for an earlier picture,"The Virgin Queen" in which she hardly had to do more than be seen in the saddle.She claims/claimed to abhor horses but may have ridden on the quiet, like Barbra Streisand.

john hardman said...

Also look for Grace Kelly on horseback in "The Swan" where she looks stunning in the saddle.In other films/movies such as "Green Fire" she rode Western,astride and in jeans-a pity, as her high-class. good looks demanded a formal riding outfit and a thoroughbred to ride.