Sunday, June 30, 2013


Joy and I flew to New Orleans to go see Sport and Rev.  Here I am ...

 ..and here is Joy.  Gosh Rev has the best hocks of any horse I know!

We got to ride and I picked up the ribbons from his last show.  He also won a beautiful full length garment bag with a Saddlebred logo sewn onto it...and it is not a cheap one, but very nice heavy canvas!!

We used to fly into Baton Rouge, but there are only 3 returning flights on Saturday and they are always very heavily booked...
  Since we did not have to leave New Orleans so early - we got to play in the city for a while.  I have never been there.  Here is the historic district.  We found lots of great places to shop (like that is hard for us anywhere!)  ..and I bought a beautiful battenburg lace fan ...and USED IT!

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