Thursday, June 27, 2013

Modern Fabric, Historic Look

Okay - before we get started, let me say that this post is not about the wonderful hunt riding habits that have changed very little since the early 1900's.  What can I say, other than seeing a few that IMHO are a bit too short, perfect is hard to redesign!!!

This is more about historic costumes.  I recently found some pictures that I found appealing - not just for the fashion design, but more because of the fabric choice... here just take a look for yourselves!

So obviously, this rider is not riding aside, but you cannot deny the excellence in her costuming... I mean - sew the front of this together ...and well - just send it to me!

I must gravitate to brown lately... just look at the detail in this fabric!

Now - I do not ride hunt...  but I need to ask you ladies, does a stock tie always have to be white?
 ..and here is an example of a lady who did a wonderful job at recreating a historic costume - all the way down to the hat!  I also admire her for including the modesty belt, but wearing it in a place that does not compromise her safety.

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Kaede said...

Stocks are white because they are BANDAGES. You use then to make a sling or to wrap around something to stop bleeding. decorated fabric would be
1) uncomfortable and 2) ruined.