Monday, June 10, 2013

Antique Corsets

As you probably remember - I do not like to ride aside, even when I practice, without wearing a riding corset.  It helps my back beyond explanation!  I know lots of you feel the same way, so with that in common, I figured you probably also have an interest in corset history.  I could write a long dissertation about the history of corsets... but others have already done that ... and probably done a better job than me.. so without further delay, I just wanted to share these quite unique antique corsets.  Keep in mind, these are NOT riding corsets.

This first beauty is from 1880.

This is a bridal delicate and feminine!!

This is actually a corset made for a circus performer circa 1870.  You can see that it supported the young lady with her acrobatic act.

...and here is something I truly wish I owned a modern version of... a silk corset cover.  I have something similar - a cotton camisole I wear over mine, but it does not come close to the elegance of this garment!!

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RiderWriter said...

I have to admit, they are just gorgeous... especially the bridal one and the silk cover. HOWEVER, especially on really hot days like today, I am always immensely grateful that I do not have to wear one. I also have delicate workings and can barely tolerate tight waistbands on pants, much less having all of my guts squished together. Soooo.... if I ever get to try riding sidesaddle I will give one a whirl, or if I'm suddenly cast in a costume drama (starring Keira Knightely, of course), I will try one out, but otherwise - nope! :-)