Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Queen Victoria's Sidesaddle and Pad

I am starting a new sub catagory in my blog for sidesaddles owned by famous people.  This one was owned by Queen Victoria. 

Queen Victoria’s Side Saddle Made by Gordon & Co, London, quilted pigskin seat and panel. First used by her at a review in 1856. The collection includes 2 other saddles with a royal connection, plus a number of side saddles and military saddles.

While I doubt this is the sidesaddle she was using in this photo - I still wanted to include it.


Lauren said...

Love that saddle pad, very cool!

Kaede said...

No leaping horn. It took me a while to understand that what we now call jumping, was called leaping in the 1800's. A leaping horn was added so women could "leap" ; that is jump. Usually so they could keep up with the hounds.