Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pin Oak Charity Horse Show...

... starts tomorrow and Tommy is bringing Sport down.  He will show him in the Park Pleasure open classes!!  I am just a little excited....Will let you know how it goes.

On the down side, when the Grand kids were here, we took them to the Children's Museum and I brought home a bit more than a souvenir...I caught a miserable head cold that turned into a horrible sinus infection by the weekend.  I lost my voice and was so congested, what sleep I could get, only happened if I was sitting up.  MISERABLE.... What even made it worse.. because the kids were here, I just kept pushing myself because I could not bear to miss out on anything.  Thankfully Emily and Daren were so nice and fed for me many times.

My voice is still not back, I have not been able to sleep through the night and I still get coughing fits..but believe it or not, I AM actually am better!!


Claire said...

Take care Julie.

Anonymous said...

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