Saturday, March 16, 2013

Oliver is Sound Again!!

I have been using Oliver to give Madison riding lessons when she comes to visit us.  She is so light and her lessons so short and infrequent, that even though he was still recovering from him quarter crack, I felt it was not doing any harm.  Oliver is a horse who loves human interaction, so he would anxiously await at the gate for us.
Well, this time as Madison was riding .... and getting quite good at it too I might add.. I did not see any inconsistency in his gaits or cadence... After Madison was done riding, I did a quick saddle change and took him though all his gaits in both directions and YIPPIEEEEEE!!!  Oliver is again sound!!  I am not going to ride him again though until Josh can make it over and get a shoe on him..just for a bit of extra support.

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