Monday, March 4, 2013

A Hard Weekend..

.. we lost our baby lamb.  After all the progress - he came down with phneumonia.  I know this is going to sound terrible... but I was exhausted and at that point, I stopped fighting for him too....

Our small flock is staying in the foaling stall of the barn through Thursday - which seems to be the last day of close to freezing temperatures.   I know one of our best ewe's is getting ready to give birth and judging by the size of her (she looks like a table top) she will also give birth to multiples this year.

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Anonymous said...

hey, that happens - and I don't mean it flippantly. I've got 90 head of cattle to calve in the next 2.5 months and know there will be some deaths; sometimes no matter what we do, we can't save 'em.

love your site....and I want to "get aside, not astride" one of these days (when I have time!)

hang in there!