Wednesday, March 6, 2013

12 Years Later..

We added a little addition to our farm that should have been built when we first built the barn... a well house. Although it is not yet done, as there are still a few details to be added in the interior and it has yet to be painted (white with black trim), I could not wait to post about it.  

For one, did you know that out of all those barn and metal building companies, we could not find one that had a specific well house plan.  We have already had to have our well redrilled once - so we needed something with a removable roof.  Thankfully, one of our friends is a really good builder and fashioned this for us.  Do you see the ring bolt in the center of the roof?  It is there so that after we unbolt 4 fasteners on the interior, the entire roof can be lifted off in the case that the well needs to be drilled once again.
Sounds silly - but I am just tickled pink with it!!


RiderWriter said...

I think it's adorable! Well done. Maybe you have a little storage room in there, too.

RiderWriter said...

(Unintentional pun there.. haha)