Sunday, February 17, 2013

Worth the Wait!!!

About 2 years ago my sweet husband wanted to hire someone to paint me..."ON A HORSE???"  I replied as giddy as a school girl!  I am not sure if that is what he had in mind when he told me about it... but I railroaded him right into it anyway!  HA HA... the problem was finding an artist.  As you know .. because if you are reading this blog - I KNOW you are a horse person... it is WAY more important that the horse looks perfect than it is for me to look perfect!!!  ha ha .. Anyway, we searched ... and after a while - we kind of gave up.  I did not want it badly enough to just use anyone...

...but then along came Jeanne Newton Sshoborg, a renowned American Saddlebred artist.... and all of a sudden .. my portrait was back in the works!!!  Well Jeanne was so booked up, that even though we put in our request in mid December, she is just now getting started.  BUT - when she gets started ... she makes amazing progress!!  Here is the initial chalk drawing and the first 2 shots of the initial coat of paint.  She just got started and to me - it already looks breathtaking!!!

    I can't get over how she has captured Sport.  The minute I saw this, I felt like I knew him!!!

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