Friday, February 1, 2013

Next Chapter For Sport ...and Other News

Tomorrow Joy and I are off to Baton Rouge - and who will be in the trailer?? Well Sport and Revival! 

Sport will be left at Maranatha Farm to start a new chapter in his training with Tommy Benton.  His vacation is over.  Tommy is a trainer known for turning out an impecable horse and has agreed to work with me and my facination of riding aside.  Over the coarse of his career, he has also worked with Arabian's, so although he made me promise never to ask him to ride aside, he is well equipt to instruct me.  I truly believe the new surroundings will be good for Sport - and with this fresh start I also believe Sport can learn how to wear the full Weymouth bridle properly.

Revival is going with us so Joy can take a lesson on him while we are there.

I have been working with and riding Revival and the more time I spend with that horse, the more that I love him.  He is a horse that is not lazy by any means, but is also not afraid of the rider taking a hold of the bridle or using the whip as a form of communication.  He has the DREAMIEST canter...just rocks back and forth as slow as you want it to be, without my bottom ever losing contact with the saddle.....swoon!

It is not as convenient to have Sport all the way in Baton Rouge.  The good thing is that since I have worked for an airline for so long, I can fly in, in the morning, take a lesson on him and leave that afternoon.  I doubt that I will ride Sport tomorrow.  With so many new sights to see, new horses around, and the fact that he has not been worked in almost a month, he will likly be quite jumpy.  I want our first sidesaddle ride to be a pleasant one, so I will patiently wait.

I can't wait to see Joy ride though... this time I will try and get some good pictures of her. 

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