Sunday, February 10, 2013

Joy Came Out .. the farm today to ride Revival, but she could only stay for 3 hours.  It sounds like a long time, but it really is not.  We moved Bella, a 2 year old I am starting, into a stall where she is learning how to stand tied.  Joy rode Rev in the round pen in the full bridle to warm him up.  Then we went into the long straight away that runs along the fenceline bordering our neighbors property.  It is a perfect place to get a long straight workout.  Rev was very excited...very happy and very animated.  As he trotted by me, I tapped on the fence.  Oh my what a stunning sight he was!!!  Next time Joy is out, I will surely have my camera ready! 

We are expecting poor weather tomorrow - so sadly I will not get my turn to excercise him.. at least not down the straight away.  The round pen is made to be used right after a rain with its wonderful drainage.

Bella wore a simple headstall with a fat rubber bit for the first time today.  I turned her out into the round pen wearing it for an hour... I cannot say that she was overly pleased about it - but wear it she did.  After doing this a few more times, I will put a sursingle on her to get her used to the feeling of a girth.

I have heard different opinions about the rubber bits.  I have used them as the first thing used to introduce a 2 year old to a bit...slowly next moving to a very gently fat snaffle bit.  What is your opinion?

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KYSam said...

I personally like rubber bits. You've gotta watch them, though, as they get "well loved" (aka chewed to shreds), they have to be retired. They're great on old schoolmasters and kids learning how to ride. I don't usually ride a fresher horse in them, since they're more a suggestion than anything else.