Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Barns... not have to be massive to be beautiful.
 While we all ohhh and ahhh over barns and facilities like these, they are rarely privately owned.
 I prefer to peek into barns that are privately owned.  This lovely one to me was medium in size.. so lets look at some smaller ones...
 While this looks magnificent at first glance, it is a relatively simple design with a spectacular entrance..and great details.

I am passionate about details.  Here we have unique stall fronts and lanterns.

Look at this quite simple barn, made unique by the fact it is pristine and the wonderful copula bell tower.

Here is a very small barn with a cottage feel that would make a lovely addition to any property...I believe this is owned by Gweneth Paltrow.

..and another with more of a western country flair.

..such a simple detail like a lantern adds character..

Look what unique hardware can do for the overall look!

Correct placement of fencing and landscaping can take a simple design to the look of high end!

 ..and here is some more unique hardware that I wanted to include.

This is my barn...errrr - my house.... ummmm it's everybody's home- both 4 legged and 2!

Here is a peek of the interior.  Since the original construction, we replaced the horrible overhead lighting with the wrought iron fixtures, we installed the smaller lanterns beside each stall, and replaced most of the cheap hardware with better iron pieces...all details ...

Just because someone always wants to know - the answer is No, I have never had a horse spook at the light fixtures!

The best choices I made:
1. Concrete center isle.  It is so easy to clean with a blower!
2. Climate controlled tack/feed room - no more moldy leather and no vermin in the feed!
3. Climate controlled laundry room down stairs with a 1/2 bath.
4. Foaling 12x18 stall with turn out

Would have changed:
1. Wish for 2 foaling stalls as the larger stall works so well for our stallion.
2. Copula on the roof is too small.


T Myers said...

Love those light fixtures!!! My barn has very low ceilings, I wonder how I could incorporate something like that.

Crossing the Delebear said...

O I love the interior! Do you have problems with the fixtures picking up extra dust/barn gunk?

Angelina said...

I love your barn. Ours is a metal building, which we did because we thought it would clean better than our wood one did. WRONG I spend a lot of time cleaning and battling birds and it looks very warehouse like. Your barn looks warm and decorated like a home.

Lenore Lung said...

These barns looks amazing, design and structure-wise. They all look beautiful but my vote goes to the barn with the copula tower. I'm not a fan of color white but when I saw this one, I guess there's always an exception. From the roof to the smallest details, everything looks clean and refreshing. Anyway, it's been months, how's your barn? >>Lenore Lung @

Lynn Lipson said...

What company built this cottage like barn?