Friday, January 18, 2013

Those New Projects I Was Talking About....

One of them will be a round pen.  Honestly, I am not sure how we have worked without one for so long.  Especially with young horses and trying to teach my Grand Daughter how to ride my feisty Saddlebreds, a round pen will really be handy!

Kind of hard to see but it will be situated to the right of the newest paddock...

That small bushy area of underbrush needs to be removed so I have more room to drive the truck and trailer through.  The round pen will be beyond that.

We are going to have a 70' pen put in and it is going to be heavy duty.. able to handle large horses as well as something that will be around longer than I!!

Tomorrow one of our neighbors is coming out to look at the property.  He has a construction business and owns a bull dozer.  Can you believe the elevation difference in that small 70 foot area is almost 2 feet!  The ground is going to be leveled out and we will have to have more sand/dirt brought in so it can be used shortly after it rains.  I just want it to be done right!

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