Friday, January 11, 2013

Meet Our Girls

Meet Joy and Emily! Joy is on the left and Emily on the right.  I am so very proud of them both.
Emily is the older sister, married to Daren, who serves our country in the Air Force.  They are the parents of our Grand children whom I speak of and post pictures of often; Madison and Trestin.  They currently live out of state, so we get precious little time with them.  

Joy lives in the Houston area.  We used to take riding lessons and show together.  Emily enjoyed riding purely on a pleasure basis.  Our instructor, Sue Roby (who quite often would speak exactly what was on her mind) used to always tell me that it was such a shame that we did not have more money... because Joy was a natural equitation rider.  In the Saddlebred world, equitation horses were among the most $$$!  I agreed with Sue, but it was what it was.    

That was 12 years ago.  Time really flies!

Well both girls went to college, graduated and continued on their life course.  Joy bought a motorcycle and after a short time, started to modify it so she could race.  Not a big surprise to us!  That passion seemed to be short lived and she up and sold her bike.  After accepting an invitation from me to come and take a lesson at Bluebonnet, she accepted.  This was also the day that I pulled the horse trailer and brought Sport home.  It was the first time Joy had ridden in years and it was the first time she had ever ridden Sport.  

It took Joy about a 1/2 of a lap to get her riding coordination back and her pursed lips started to spread over her face into a very broad smile.... almost a SMIRK.  Ahhh yes - I thought ... she has once again been bitten!.. 

When we returned home, she walked with me to the back pasture.  We assessed the horses and decided to bring one of the mares up and work for Madison (Grand Daughter).  I also extended to her the opportunity to ride Sport while he was at home AND if she wanted to buy a horse, I would consume the cost of keeping it for her at our farm... well it did not take her long... because she is now the proud owner of a beautiful stallion..... yes I said STALLION!

May I introduce you to Southern Revival:

I will follow up with a more detailed story of just how we found this boy a bit later!


Claire said...

The horse virus is a dangerous one. No treatment has been found to date. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wow. He is a gorgeous boy!

Thanks for all the wonderful postings and photos.

Claire: what are you referring to, pray tell?

Anonymous said...

I've had the horse virus for years & have recent succumbed to the saddleseat variant. I'm having a blast.

Yeah for wearing a helmet!