Sunday, December 2, 2012


In order to tell this story, I have to start on Thursday.  One of our horses, Chastain, a rescue American Saddlebred that we have had for several years now was acting strange.... lathargic.  I had to work all day, but on my first break, I moved Chastain into a paddock all by himself.  He did not show definite signs of colic...but he somehow did not look normal either.

I finished up the day at work and went out to check on him yet again.  By this time, he started to lay flat out on the ground.  That was enough for me.  I called the vet and made arrangements to take him in....just as soon as Don got home with the truck.  He had been out looking for a job and I thought he was already on his way home.  I was wrong.

When I finally reached Don he quickly told me the good news, he was in the process of an interview for a very desireable position.  After hanging up, I started to call every person I knew with a truck that I might be able to borrow.  NO ONE answered.  I started to feel panic.  After about 30 minutes, one of my girl friends returned my message and I was able to use their truck.

Chastain used to be a very difficult horse to load into the trailer.  He still hates to ride in it, but with Debbie's help, I was able to get him in fairly easily.  As I was hooking him up to the trailer tie, he showed me his displeasure by head butting me in the lower jaw.  He hit me so hard, it took a second for me to shake it off..just in time to dodge a bite that was headed my way!!  BAD BAD HORSE!!!!

I was headed to the vet by 7 PM that evening.  Chastain was suffering with an impaction colic.  Nothing severe... but I am sure he was quite uncomfortable. A fairly simple tubing procedure and we were on our way home.

A nice big purple bruise was already starting to show up on my chin...

to be continued... 

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