Thursday, December 27, 2012

Looking Ahead

This is a picture from a Sidesaddle calander for the year 1904.  It made me think about my goals and expectations for this next year..

I brought my gelding Sport home because of some financial uncertainties... but it turned out to be a big blessing.  I really believe Sport needed a break.  He had been in training for about 18 months straight. 

The first few days he was home, while I was waiting on the farrier to come and pull his custom made ($$) shoes and replace them with plates (Sport wings his left front foot out and can hit himself) ..anyway, those few days I would not allow him to be turned out.  I instead was lunging him.  He was a wild man and some of his actions ruffled my feathers a bit... like kicking at me.  That was NOT like my boy. .. but I had also noticed he has lost his super happy demeanor the last months of training too... which is why the vacation was perfect timing.

Once his shoes were replaced, I just turned him out with his Momma for 4 days straight.  I knew they would not fight.  Sport ran and jumped and kicked and ran some more...and within the week, everytime I went outside, he was calling for me again and would never miss the chance to get a scratch on the head if I came close to the fence line...always with his ears forward.

2 weeks into his vacation, I wanted to get on him and see how that went.  I had never ridden him here.  He was not used to the woods or the neighboring farms all the new sights and sounds.  Joy,  my youngest daugher was with me and she wanted to ride first.  I agreed, only if she wore the hard hat.  She got on, adjusted the reins and asked him to move forward.  Without any hesitation, Sport was a calm, confident and comfortable and did everything she asked him to do....and someone was shooting either a gun or fire crackers in the distance!!!

No doubt, Sport needs to learn how to wear the double bridle and I do not have an exact plan for that, but it is on the top of my list of goals... as long as my boy stays a happy boy.

Joy, who used to be a very accomplished Equitation rider has expressed an interest in riding with me again.  I am almost positive that God has already worked out a plan for that... and Joy and I together are working one of my older mares for Madison, my Grandaughter to ride and maybe even show!

Outside of the horses... my husband is back to work.  We have some debt to get rid of that we accumulated during his year long recovery and we are peeking at the idea of getting ready to build our dream house... although that may come in many stages before we actually break ground. tell me what your 2013 goals and dreams are...


Sam said...

I'm bringing up a young Friesian stallion - my goal this year is to get him out and ride him as much as possible. I love the idea of riding him side saddle, but wouldn't mind putting that off till next year or so.


Sam said...

LOL - sorry, I sign as Sam - since our blog is "How Sam Sees It"...


KYSam said...

My goal this year is to ride both my mare and gelding aside, and possibly show the mare. I'll hopefully be riding in the Pegasus Parade for the Kentucky Derby with a sidesaddle unit!

I'm also busting my butt for a promotion at work, and so far, the prospects look very, very good!