Sunday, November 11, 2012

Wildcatter Weekend Activities

As the gates opened, the Stewart Title Carriage was ready to give rides. 

Sadly, I never took the time to experience this..maybe next year!
We were asked to do our demo at 2, so just prior to that I mounted and started to warm Chippers up.  Hummm, looking down and realizing my skirt needs some serious adjusting!
Cherry mounted Rose and warmed her up as well.
The crowd gathered and Cherryl was first to present Rose
She took her back and forth demonstrating all 5 gaits.
While she rode, I told the folks what they were looking at and more about the American Saddlebred horse
I think Chippers liked the people.
I like this picture because it tells the story of how well Cherryl and I worked together.
Now it was my turn to ride.
I started off slow..
..while Cherryl did the counter part..
Chip trotted slowly at first..but stepped up in the second round
His canter was magnificent... a rocking horse .. but in slow motion.
We continuted to talk about the horses and their history..

..and we tried our best to anwer all the questions.
Then the fun really started for the kids.
Rose was such a good girl. 
This smile says it all ~ don't you think!
I think there were more children than adults at this event..
..and they kept us busy for a while..

..Chippers started to fall asleep I think..
what a good boy he was...standing perfectly still, even for children who were a bit scared of him.
We were asked to do 2 demo rides as there were usually 2 crowds.  As it turned out, the later was much lighter than the first, so we took the horses into the historic town.  Just to be safe, Cherryl walked Rose around so she could look everything over with the groom at her side.
It took her about 2 minutes to realize that nothing that was going on here was going to phase these we started to ride in the main square and have some real fun.

Kind of looks like one of my hens is roosting on my head... don't you think?
Yeeee - Haawww!
Hello - are you sure Rose is an Academy horse?
Chip got a kick out of watching the kids competing in the stick horse race!
We had so much fun here.  I love these type of events.  It is a fun way to teach kids about historical events, and a great way to show off the horses!


Mary Ann Wells said...

I love the way your jacket hangs in the back and is cut. Is it a pattern that is still available ?

Julie said...

Oh Mary Ann - I am just now seeing your comment. I am so sorry it has taken me so long to answer you. This top was found at a thrift store.. believe it or not for about 5 dollars. I think it is from the 1980's when peplam tops were in high fashion. The wool fabric for the skirt was also found at the same store - a roll of beautiful 100% wool for less than the jacket. It was my very first sidesaddle outfit and still one of my favorites.