Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Madison's Lesson

One of my favorite life experiences was to watch my daughters have fun with our horses.  We did not have show horses at that time...just some priceless pets that indulged them with love and service.

Now, I get to experience the fun of watching my Grand Daughter Madison, learn how to ride...and with a bonus.. not only do her parents let her take lessons in Mississippi, but when she comes to visit me, the wonderful ladies at Bluebonnet Farm treat her to a lesson as well.  Just look at how well she posts the trot!  She is riding Chippers. 
We don't deal with diagnals yet, just balance and posture.

As a treat, when Madison was done with her lesson in the bull pen, Kari Ann took her over to the big riding arena. 
With Kari Ann at one end and me at the other, Madison got to trot down the straight away...

..down to me, stop, turn around ...

..and trot back to Kari Ann

She was excited beyond explaination with her new accomplishment.
I was pretty excited too!!

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