Saturday, November 10, 2012

Let's Get Dressed!

Before we get started, let me just go ahead and appologize for the 50 year old model I used...
ummm - ME. 
My young and georgous daughters were not available to do this for me.. so just squint and imagine that I am 18 years old, 4 inches taller and a good 20 pounds lighter!


Today a friend, Cherryl and I went to a historical event, reenactment of sorts, in Beaumont, TX.  We were asked to come and represent the American Saddlebred, do a couple of demo rides, hand out litature and well... just add to the fun of the event.  I was asked to ride aside and dress the part. 

I wanted to do a post on getting ready for a show.  By doing it today, I am not as steressed as I would be if I were going to a horse show ... so here we go:

Let talk about under garments.  I could not make myself take a picture of my panties.. so although I have my favorites and for good reason, I would suggest that you need to try out different styles and see what works for you.  Make sure they neither bunch, crawl, creep or God forbid - rub anything raw!  There I said it .. now let's move on!

Most women ride in sports bras.  Best invention for this situation as well, but lately, there are several models of sports bras to choose from.  I like the one below best.  My goal is not to just minimize movement, but minimize my size and not wear anything too bulky.            

Now that that is over with, lets talk socks.  I love high tube socks.  You can probably tell these are too large for me, but as long as the elastic is good around the calf and they stay up, I am happy.  I wear my socks inside out so the seam does not rub my toes.  

In the next 6 photographs, I am wearing exercise tights... for modisty sake.  Normally when dawning the next items of clothing, I am not wearing my riding pants.
This is a cotton camisole.  It is so delicate, I hand wash it, even though it is not an antique.  I love it because it is cotton and light weight.  I never wear my riding corset right against my skin.  I either wear this or a very very thin tank top to soak up any oils from my skin and as much sweat as it can.

Once I have this top on, I put my hair up and apply any makeup I might wear.

Every riding corset I own was made for me by Karen Trevor.  Ask, if you need her contact information.  I loosen the strings in the back, wrap it around and fasten it in the front, starting from top and working my way down.
I did not notice that it was not a bit crooked... 

 This is my waist with the corset loose.

And here it is cinched snug, but certainly not tight.  It really does take inches off your waist line and also makes for a nicer finished look beneath your riding top. Let's just say that even though I weigh what I did in High School.. I do not exactly look the same!
                                                     Happy girl!

Okay, so now is when I put on my riding pants, with the top of the pants coming over the corset.
Next I put on my blouse and a nice antique or antique looking pin at the neck.
 Tuck my shirt into my riding pants.
If it is cool outside, I will put on my jacket and boots and this is what I would wear to drive to the event.
If I was getting ready to ride, I would first put on my skirt..
...and then my jacket.
Since this was a fun demo event, I could not decide which hat to wear... this fun driving hat with feathers..
..or my derby.  I decided to take them both with me and let Cherryl tell me which would be more fitting... this is how I get dressed to show.  It is a lot of work, but I just love it!


gemma said...

Hi Julie,

I'm really curious - how does the 'getting the *horse* ready on show morning' bit work for you and generally for side saddle riders in your area/discipline?

For many side saddle riders in the UK, unless it's a really big show or you have a very dedicated relative or friend, you'd plait and load the horse yourself, then travel to the show driving the horsebox or puling a trailer with your shirt and breeches covered up with over-trousers and a sweatshirt etc., then get the horse half tacked up before getting properly changed at the last minute.

But I get the impression that you have a bit more help that that at some events? It would be AMAZING to be able to get dressed in comfort (rather than hopping round on one leg in a hurry in the back of the box)and I'm really interested in how it works for you.

PS no criticism intended - I'm just jealous!

Julie said...

Hi Gemma, Your post did not offend me one bit. It is true that this last year going through all the trials of my husbands illness and having to put off building our house, as a gift, my husband wanted me to put my young horse into full time training...a training barn with all the amenities. While Sport has been in training I have been showing some of their horses, which includes this event in Beaumount.

I have been where you are, going to a show, putting up all the show curtains and setting up a tack room, hauling and preparing my own horses...and on and on. Go back in my blog and you can see what I have done in the past.

I don't know exactly what the future holds... but I do know one thing, either way.. getting into the show ring is worth all the work!

Now, let me get busy and start uploading the pics from yesterdays demo!

RiderWriter said...

That is really neat to see the whole process! I have to tell you, though, I don't think I'd do well with the corset thing... I can't even stand tight waistbands on pants or skirts so getting crunched into a corset has always seemed like a bad idea to me. Always been glad I was born after they'd been abandoned.

And for the record, I think you look GREAT and are a lovely model! ;-)

Anonymous said...

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