Thursday, September 6, 2012

What To Do With All of Those Ribbons...

Now, I am not one who is drowning in show ribbons... especailly not the coveted blue and red ones... but for those who are.. or even for the show barn owners - you might just find an idea that you could use right here. 

For your enjoyment - here we go:

A ribbon wreath - as long as it is done up well, it is attractive.  I have seen some not so nice ones though.

I love these frames - but to make them interesting - they need to include more than just ribbons - photos, show programs or pins are nice details

This is seriously cool!

Love this elegant idea with a Christmas decor twist.
 Never thought of putting the shadow frames in the barn. but why not!

Great desk decor!.. especially the desk in the barn office.
Now, I have seen many a show ribbon quilts and pillows...and most of them look like.. well don't get mad at me for saying this .. but most of them look like ribbon vomit!

BUT - when I saw this pillow... I had to save the photo to share with you.  This looks like a designer piece to me!

Anyone else have another idea for show ribbons?

1 comment:

Christine said...

Very cool! Love the ones in the stables :)

At Pony Clubs in Australia we often get long and narrow straight ribbons - you can sow them together and throw over a couch as a show off blanket :)