Thursday, September 13, 2012

Remember my Knoud Sidesaddle?

.. the one I purchased, rode in for almost a year, then had some restoration work done on it .. then discovered dureing a bucking scene, Oliver managed to break the tree.... yeah - well when Lillian took it completley apart, this is what she found:

...and this is what Lillian wrote about it:

"This is the gullet iron on Julie's Knoud.someone welded the bottom iron but did not fix the top iron. It broke again when her big horse cut up in the ring and the saddle broke. Had it been done right the first time this would not have happened. I will post another photo of the repaired saddle. I had to redo the web in the seat and reflock the seat thanks to this break. It is fixed now but took some time todo it.
The top strap iron was broken as well. Even the rivets were gone. So all the stress fellon the one piece of iron. It could not stand the forces on it. And it snapped.."

For those of you who do knot know Lillian... she is a miracle worker for antique sidesaddles!....MIRACLE WORKER!!!

When I get it back I will try it on Sport for the first time.  I can't imagine going into show season with only 1 sidesaddle... not like I can run over and borrow someone elses!!! 


Christine said...

Eheheh, like the comment about borrowing someone else's. Good luck with the results of it being fixed!

Christen said...

Hi, I am new to blogging etc, but I have run across yours. I was hoping you could lend some insight to the name or history of a saddle I have been storing for awhile. I believe it's an antique western side saddle with a tapestry seat..perhaps a catalog one? May I send you a picture?