Tuesday, September 11, 2012


As I stated in the post below, my husband and I have had plans to build a house on our farm since we purchased it.  We currently live above the barn, which has its advantages...like how many births we have been able to witness (including Sport's)..but when you have a dream, you have a hypathetical 'itch' to bring it to furition.  Both of us have this drive ... and have been working with the builder who built our barn, which was my design, to also draw the blue prints for the house.

I have spent countless hours over these drawings, searching house design sites and combed over web sites like Pinterest.  I would love to share with you some of the most creative ideas I have found to incorporate an equestrian design into your home.  These are not all ideas we have been able to use.. but ones that caught my attention!

Love the paneling combined with the equestrian prints.

Look at the nail head details on this ottoman.

Can't go wrong with a stirrup design.
How else would you pick out paint colors?

Now this is what I call a mud room!!

Not sure how this was done.. but thought it was very unique.

Have just too many trophy's laying around ... here you go!

This room is just yummy!

Chedk out the horse shoes on the staircase.

..and the bit on the back of this chair cover.

This light fixture is seriously cool!
...and the color red just screams equestrian to me.



Mr kane said...

I just fall in love with all!

Mr J.Kane

RiderWriter said...

Boy... I have to show this to my family. They already think our house is a bit too "horsey." But I've got nothing this nice!!!