Wednesday, August 29, 2012


..I have a really soft spot in my heart for Pinto's, especially American Saddlebred Pinto's!  This is a picture of Michelle Mcfarland, the woman whom there is so much to write about concerning ASB Pinto's, I could not fit it all on this blog.. but lets just say she is THE Lady!

 But - this is a blog about sidesaddle.. so I just wanted to show you that Pinto's have been a lovely part of riding aside for a very long time!!!

Oh my - what a pretty boy he is!
WOW!!! is all I can say!!!

I KNOW.... she is not riding aside... but I could not resist.. look at this atletic boy with his owner.. what fun!!!

This is Racing Stripe.  We bred our best mare to this stallion.. and yes, I was hoping to get a pinto baby... but alas, although she is cute, she just has one polka dot above her hoof!
 Funny story about this stallion though.  When he was born, laying on one side, the owner was sad thinking he was a bay and said, "Oh well... no spots"
Until her husband turned the foal over and saw the stripe running up the foals hip.  He responded by saying, "you may not have gotten the spots you wanted, but you did get a stripe!"  That basically is how he got his name!


JJ said...

Beautiful! I also have a slight "thing" for pinto ASBs!

SmartAlex said...

We bred a NSH who had no face marking, high white stockings and a small spot on his croup which made his tail pure white. When we were delivering him, we had to wait until the last moment for our spot!!!

Anonymous said...

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