Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Collectable Plates...

..of a certain subject! 

This one has a Folk Art design.



This is more of a dish than a plate - but it fit in and I wanted to share it with you..

..and this dish does not fit at all.. I am just terribly hungry for something not on my diet!


Mr kane said...

Nice plates!
Are their youres?

Mr J.Kane

Julie said...

No - sadly these are not my plates. I just collect pictures off of auctions and e-bay and when I have enough to make a nice post on the sidesaddle blog - I do one.. just to give everyone an idea of what is out there. Sometimes it takes me over a year to get enough of one type of item to make a post about it...and other times it takes a day! Just loving all things sidesaddle. Enjoy!