Saturday, July 21, 2012

Something Different!

Last weekend was a wonderful time. For one, I got to visit with one of my best friends who lives in Tennessee ~ Trent Capps.  Trent used to live in Texas, he used to be my trainer and he is the owner of the sire of my boy Equusport.  He came to Texas to deliver a couple of horses and pick up some to take back to Tennessee.  One of those, is our mare Brittany.  Brittany is Sport's dam.  Hope he can tease her back into heat so next summer Sport will have a full sibling!

Another fun thing that happened was that I had the opportunity to ride a Saddlebred Western.  No biggie to some of you who are richly experienced with riding Western..but it was something wonderful and new to me.  Now - this is a regular Western saddle, not a sidesaddle.  Since it is such a rarity, I thought I would post the picture Leslie took!

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