Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More Historical Habits

I try and spread things out on this blog to make it more enjoyable. To be honest, there is enough on sidesaddle fashion alone to fill this blog for years to come. With that said, here are some more stunning historical riding habits. This is an 1887 riding habit..
..and matching hat.
This 1885 habit and all of the following are on display at the Victoria and Albert museum.
This one is dated 1770.
..and this one is from 1820.
..and look at this dreamy 1892 jackiet. Now this was not labeled specifically a 'riding' jacket, even though it has the curved jacket sleeves, but what an isspirational piece it is!


Michelle said...

Wow! You find some neat habits Julie! Now to find someone to reproduce them in sizes that will fit us! Love the first one and the very last jacket, just stunning!

The Village Queen said...

Hi, found this while looking at my favorite UK blogs and thought of you. Click on the link on the right to the Shropshire County Horse Show, mixed in are 3 great picks of ladies Aside. Enjoy!