Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Georgina Bowers (1836 - 1912)

By far the most important lady artist who ever worked for Punch was Miss Georgina Bowers (Mrs. Bowers-Edwards). It is not usual, to find a woman a professional humorist, though a colonial Punch is edited by a lady; but it is, an undoubted fact, that up to this year of grace no female caricaturist has yet appeared before man's vision. But Miss Bowers was a humorist, with very clear and happy notions as to what fun should be, and how it should be transferred to a picture.
Her long career began in 1866, and thenceforward, working with undiminished energy, she executed hundreds of initials and vignettes as well as "socials," devoting herself in chief part to hunting and flirting subjects. She was a facile designer, but her manner was chronically weak.
It was John Leech who set her on the track; Mark Lemon, to whom she took her drawings, encouraged her, and with help from Mr. Swain she progressed.

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