Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This Week..

..has been quite difficult for me. Work is overwhelming ..both the amount of work and the stess of it. I work for United Airlines...and formally Continental Airlines. I, along with everyone around me feels unappreciated and just under a LOT OF PRESSURE!
So tonight, shortly after I got home, I went and got one of the older horses out of the back pasture. His name is Chastain and he was actually a rescue Saddlebred and the very first horse I rode aside. Don helped me get him into a separate paddock and he sat outside with me while I groomed Chas. It took over an hour...but with each stroke of the brush I could feel my heart rate go down, the muscles in my neck losen and all that nasty stress just rolled off of me. I love my horses!!


Anonymous said...

This is soooo true Julie...I can't count the times I've been stressed, upset, frustrated, absolutely on 'the edge' of sanity and my horses have saved the day! Can tell you of numerous occassions in the past when I went and literally sobbed into my Saddlebred mare's mane, hugging her neck until I was spent....she would turn her head and rest it on my shoulder, gently 'tweaking' my hair....without their support there's no way I would have 'made it through. There were times when people said tyat I should sell them because funds were 'tight' but there was no way!!! My horse are my family, it's quite wonderful how they can provide support , comfort and understanding.....only another equestrienne would have a hope of understanding this phenomenon... I'm so glad you had Chastain available for a 'therapy session !! lol......Hope you are feeling beter and I'm sure Chastain looks beautiful after your efforts!!

Anne Chipman said...